Ok boys and girls, here's how this works. Sometimes, my brain fills up and I get inspired about something hard enough that I sit down and type it all out. Sometimes, I get organized enough to actually start working on an essay in a more active manner. The more organized stand alone projects are listed below. The rest is all filed by date under the journal link.

What is it? Magical musings on reality and such. Sometimes transcriptions of vision work, sometimes actual projects on trying to explain something. Its all horribly disorganized, and most of it just lives in the journal section. None of it is finished, nor are they likely ever to be so. I update these alot, so don't be suprised if things change. That's sort of the point. This is a place I work on things. I just decided to make it public, as some of it is worth sharing.

In any case, be warned that a lot of this could hurt. Some from breaking your world view, cause I'm that kind of magician, and some because its just bad. You decide.

Its still pretty slim pickings right now, I have a lot to transcribe from various notebooks to come yet, when I find the time for it. All the good bits are hidden in the journaling section, if you can find them.