I used to call this a journal, as I write regularly in a forum published for public access. I've since realized however that there is a term for this sort of thing: Weblogging. I'm glad to see that this is not an unusual practice, and so I support the creation of new vocabulary by calling this my weblog.

Usually, a weblog is a daily or near so babble by the person in question. Sort of a combination of ranting and journaling. Mine is less regular, and more directed. I won't rant about how my day went so much as crank out essays of a magical/spiritual/cognitive nature. For me, that's what's on my mind. This is a place for me to put it.

Traditionally, this might be considered a magical journal. Really, I tend more to philosophy, but take it as you will. This is what I'm all about. Welcome to my head.

You know when energy is flowing. Smile, teach yourself to write. Let Them
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