The secret to resolution of paradox is the understanding that each element exists not in exclusion to the other, but in coexistence and balance. Then, the seeker can understand the higher truth that surrounds the paradox, and gain insight.

When Yin and Yang spin not in harmony with one canceling out the effects of the other but in a state of harmonious conflict, energy is created. One side seeks to devour the other, competes for dominance. To do so, the balance must be broken. One side gains in energy over the other, and begins to succeed. The other must also grow to match, or perish. It grows, and in so doing grows stronger than the first. The balance of conflict shifts back towards the aggressor, who must continue the path begun or perish. Each side grows stronger, bigger, faster, better. First one is ahead, then the other. Each side much continue to grow, because the other side is growing as well. Otherwise, it will be consumed and perish.

Both grow, until neither is recognizable as the original. Indeed, each share common ground with the other. In time, there is more common ground than different. When each have grown to where they contain the original of the other, they may now be seen as the same thing. As the definition between the two blurrs together, either is a complete system that includes the other. Each individually has become both sides, but also more. To enclose both sides requires something larger than both. This new thing has trancended its original boundries, and resolved the conflict between Yin and Yang by becoming something which contains both Yin and Yang in harmony, but it is more than both simply added together. This additional substance is the realization of the resolution of the paradox between the two. It is what makes for a unique identity for the new idea.

The conflict between Yin and Yang is now merely a part of the machinery of the new idea. They are the reason it exists, but are unimportant in light of the larger idea. To consider only one would be to ignore the higher truth that surrounds both. Thus, peace is returned. When one steps far enough away from a problem, it can again be seen as one thing rather than two at conflict.

They are now one thing, not two. One thing that contains two, as well as the identity of itself which is another thing wrapped around the two. Two in seeking to become one have become three that is one.

This is the vehicle of Transcendence.


Opposition is cause for an increase in energy. The challenge is reason to become strong enough to surmount it. It is our natural tendency to defeat any opposition in order to continue expanding in all directions.

The river flows through the valley. A boulder blocks the flow of the stream. The water backs up, turns around, and seeks another path to follow. The walls of the valley prevent any other direction of flow. So, water builds up. The river grows higher and higher as watch continues to pile up. Eventually, the water level is as high as the boulder, and begins to flow over the boulder. The river continues on its original course. However, because of the obstical, there is now a small lake where once there was once only a stream.

If we attempt to surmount a challenge long enough, we will eventualy find the way over it. It may require us to be stronger. It may require we are smarter. It will require us to be more than we are currently. So, we must grow somehow in order to succeed. Once we have surmounted the obstical, we continue on our path. However, we keep the strength we required to pass that obstical. This strength will allow us to pass similar obsticals inthe future. And thus, we grow ever stronger, better, more.

A paradox is an excellent way to test oneself. If there are two ideas which cannot coexist with the other, a challenge is finding a way they can coexist. This requires greater insight and knowlege to attain. In the resolution of paradox, one must be able to see higher than either idea in the paradox, to find a system which includes both harmoneously.

As an example: physics. The laws of Classical physics describe the motions of matter. However, these laws are unable to describe the nature of light. Thus, there is a paradox of ideas. The laws say one thing, but light is observed to behave in another way. So, a broader theory is required: Relativity. Einistein's theories were able to explain light, to resolve the paradox, and thus the laws were made stronger. Relativity broke down in Maxwell's equations in measuring rotating magnetic fields in two separate frames of refrence. So again, Quantum physics was required to explain this. A higher more broader theory was required, so the law would remain valid.

As a more human example: war. Two countries are at odds. Each develops new weapons to defeat the other. Because the other has created new weapons, they must also create new technologies in order to keep up or be destroyed. Conflict rages for years, then eventually ceases. At the end, each side has developed a wealth of new technologies and discoveries, from the need to do so from their conflict. We would never have had the power of the atom harnessed for energy had it not been needed first for massive destruction.

Conflict breeds growth. Opposition is reason for growth. If we are to defeat the enemy, to not be defeated, or to overcome an obstical, we must grow. Thus is conflict ever a modivator and means to develop ourselves. The river always seeks the easiest path to ground. We too, will seek the easiest path to life. It is only through need to survive or desire to make ones life easier that new technologies are created. Power yields an easier path yields comfort.

We combat cold with fire. We combat weather with shelter. We combat hunger with better ways to gain food. We combat disease with medicine. We continue to struggle with death itself, in all the forms it appears. Until we can assure our own immortality, we will continue to grow in power and knowlege.

Death is the opposition, the enemy. We will keep pushing against the boulder until we pass over it. From there, we will contineu to refine ourselves to make life easier, better, more secure. Eventually, our sun will explode. We will need to overcome this obstical in order to survive. Explore space, find new places to live, or overcome the need of a sun at all. Eventually, space itself will collapse or dissapate. This is also an obstical we must overcome if we are to survive. We will trancend. If there is a way out, we will find it. It is what we do.

There is always something more to do. There is always a larger goal, a bigger obstical, a more dangerous threat that we must overcome. We will never be completely at peace, until we are assured immortality for all of eternity.

And then, what will we do? Overcoming challenges is what we are made for. We'll have to find something to keep ourselves busy, find something to create. If we stagnate into complete peace, we cease to progress and thus cease to live. What is the purpose of eternal life if it is it mean eternal boredom? Thus, there will always be more. There has to be.

We will have our cake and eat it too. That's what we do.