In a world that doesn't make sense, with so many things to believe in, what can we really know as truth? What can we really depend on? Below, I have laid out the 3 most primal and basic foundations of belief. This is as low as I could boil it down to. If you know nothing else, you can know these. Upon these, you can build yourself, your outlook, your religion. But first, these must be known. Only these can be trusted, or at least cannot be ignored.

These are the foundations of what I believe in. These can be accepted as truths that cannot be questioned. If nothing else, I can fall back to these, and remain sane through the most troubling trials of spirit. These are powerfull and primal basis upon which everything else can rest, regardless of view. Each can stand independently, and together they make for everything else.

But of course, there is more. One must build something on top of a foundation. A system is developing where by one can construct a system of belief. I willexpand this as I write it, starting first by describing my own beliefs with it. Firstly, a tool necessary to build with: Ability established, we can next make assumptions. Each assumption is a basic one upon which further belief is based. These are what is built upon the foundations. Applying the same technique to Christianity: