This stuff sucks. Don't read it. Its just where I'm putting some schetches. Extremely unfinished stuff. Don't bother with it unless you have constructive criticism beyond "Its really rough".

*tap tap*, her knuckles make gentle strikes to the wooden doorframe.

"um...", she stammers.

He turns, and regards the intrusion. Cold eyes glaze and sharpen, focus on
her. They dart across the more distinctive features of her body. Curves,
angles, hair, notebook, pointy shoes, sharp nose, metal buckles, asymetric
protrusion of one erect nipple. For a moment in his reptilian gaze, any
reaction is possible. She imagines he could as easially eat her as say
hello, and indeed that possibility passes through his exaustive queue for
consideration just as every other before being rejected as inappropriate.
The evaluation takes only a moment, but it is a long moment when one looks
straight through to your soul and regards your essencial components,
reactions, and being.

Settled on a response, the light leaps back into his eyes, and a friendly
smile flashes to greet her as he stands.