Ultimately, an enlightened society is one which is free.

Hey lookie, its a home page! I haven't had one of these in years, but have decided to finally get around to putting one together again. Its sparse, and will likely stay that way for awhile as I don't have much time or inkling to make fancy html. But its up.

This page largely exists as a place for me to rant in public, and give some impetus for me to actually write or finish the dozens of essays in my head that need written at some point. More of that here. The inside of my head is a strange place, and not always well presented. You've been warned.

If you'd prefer some distraction instead, here's some entertainment.

And of course:

WHO: Chris Carter (all of them)
WHAT: Transcendental geek
WHEN: Always
WHERE: The Compound, Pittsburgh
WHY: Because I can

Note: the contents of this site will change often and move about in a semi-random manner as I rewrite, move, or destroy sections of it in neurotic fits of self consciousness. Don't bother bookmarking anything.

11/20/02 DISCLAIMER - Its also some years out of date, and may or may not reflect the current views and writing abilities of its author. Though chances are it largely still does.