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Underground Counteractive Assemblage

Underground Counteractive Assemblage / Universal Network

We are back. In fact, we have been here for some time. The truth will be heard. A voice will speak, and spark will ignite. Welcome to the resistance.

Notice to all viewers
This site (and many others) was hacked to promote a message to the public. This is not a hoax, this is not a lie. We are opening a door way to the truth. It's time to open your eyes. Please take this serious as these issues effect your life.

A world swept into control by the United States Government since day one. An operation so important to "them" that it was planed thousands of years ago. Welcome to the world as we know it today, trapped in our daily jobs, caught beneath the lies of a false history while we continue to walk as slaves, feeding the system that we thought was our friend. The current reality is their reality. A fake reality where you where supposed to think that everything is all right. Nothing more than a sheep, born to chase that American Dream until your body breaks down and dies. The power exists in the hands of the global elite, the CFR, National Security Apparatus, Military, NATO .. A multinational capitalist era of control to keep your mind trapped, enslaved and multiplied to bow before ONE SYSTEM.

Order of the New World.

N E W . WO R L D . O R D E R

There is an enormous amount of challenging information in this document. Please do not continue if you are dependent on your present belief system, or if you feel you cannot cope emotionally with what is really happening to this world.

The list of mind manipulating techniques is endless. They want your mind because when they have that, they have you. The answer lies in taking our minds back, thinking for ourselves and allowing others to do the same without fear of ridicule or condemnation for the crime of being different. When taking back our minds involve the offensive response from military, corporate rule and police states then we have no other choice but to fight back.

It's time to wake up. So many think our governments are not hiding anything so serious. Can these "people" explain why our governments have deliberately terminated the existence of those who come to close to any "conspiracy" involving covert operations?
Explain why they continue to threaten those who get to close.. Explain why they keep this information highly confidential... Explain why our education systems are so poor ( the future of our world ) does not receive the financial support it requires in a world overruled by the dollar bill. Explain why the world government is constantly stocking up on nucular/electronic warfare, tanks, bombs, high-tech computer systems, helicopters and much more. Explain why our world government has established a large sum of top secret military bases around the globe. Explain why so many continue to live so oblivious to the fact that their lives are ruled by ignorance.

It's becoming clear that "New World Order" is not just a fantasy of conspiracy-minded right-wingers. President George Bush popularized its use in 1990 in order to legitimize the Gulf War by resuscitating the then-moribund United Nations. The New World Order is a handy label to describe the various policies that are challenging our sovereignty, a society based upon a single bank account, and turning over capitalist dictator U.S service personnel to the U.N..

Today, CFR members (ILLUMINATI, NWO..etc.) occupy key positions in government, the mass media, financial institutions, multinational corporations, the military, and the national security apparatus.

Nineteen hundred years ago John warned us about just such a global system of enslavement. He wrote in Revelation. A man, a world dictator, whose number would be "666", would arise to power at the end of the Age to enslave the world. He said that this incarnate devil-man, THE ANTICHRIST, would make every living person on earth worship him and take his number in their right hand or forehead. The Bible clearly informs us this will be the most diabolical system of world government history has ever known.

The New World Order has already begun. Take a look around you. Walk outside your door. As if this world has not been tormented enough, THEY want more. The operation to consume our worlds energy resources and create a world market is succeeding. They will win unless you take your stand and fight back.

It's time to jump in front of technology, jump in front of politics, jump in front of those who control the law, jump in front of corporate rule and a system based on control. Otherwise it will jump on you.

U N I T E !

A rigid system of elitist control is in force today on this planet, ( and has been for thousands of years ), and with the advent of new technology for control, the prospects for america and mankind have never looked more corrupt. We are outwitted before our birth, set upon a game grid where checkmate is the predetermined outcome. We are channeled through economic and social determinants that we deal with little better than how a lab rat controls its destiny in an experimental maze.
While humanity is in continual economic lockdown, additional controls are liberally applied, through television, through the "news", through the manipulation of event and societal structure. This keeps the human species more confused, more deluded and sidetracked into dead-end religions, drugs, fashions, and fears. The citizen, beset by various troubles and prevented from understanding his situation, does not see the interlocking controls and utilization that dictate most of his actions.

... A paraniod interpretation of life, or of history? Think again. Use your head.

Are we going stand blind in the darkness of hate, fear and ridicule with our empty skulls as we fight each other in a race to proclaim our status for the elite? Determine your american dream, and you'll never determine that your oblivious - trapped in a nightmare.

There is a thin line. The problem or solution. It's upon you to decide which side you stand on.

This is not some hoax put on by a few punks who want to get attention. This is real.. Our world has been taken over. So easily, because we simply handed over the power.

The truth will set the mind free.
If you believe what you have been told, then you will notice that the establishment of the New World Order is already underway. During this year major events will occur. Please use your eyes.

It's time for the world to know the truth ...
One of our primary objectives is to help people think for themselves. We will continue to promote hard facts that live within the interior of this world wide liar.

NWO Economics

The Justice Department reported in August that there are nearly 1.6 million men and women incarcerated in the United States -- currently the highest incarceration rate in the entire world. This startling figure tops off a decade of rapid expansion of America's prison population, fueled by a "war on drugs" that is steadily undermining the rights so succinctly expressed in the Bill of Rights more than 200 years ago. As 1995 drew to a close, one out of every 167 Americans was in prison or jail, compared to one out of 320 in 1985, when the crack cocaine trade began to proliferate. The total number of inmates has more than doubled in the past decade, and we just can't seem to build enough prisons to keep them all in.
In the New World Order, the global economy has become a Machiavellian game of life and death as the world's elite attempt to wrangle the bleating herds into a planetary corral. Is the money in your pocket actually a leash? Add the trend towards private prison facility management and corporate use of prison labor, and you have an extremely unsettling social situation. Are we witnessing the creation of a slave labor force for the corporate New World Order? Quite possibly, if the Oakhill Correctional Institute in Dane County, Wisconsin serves as a model. Seventeen inmates crowded in a makeshift basement factory in that facility crank out over a million dollars' worth of office chairs per year, in exchange for wages ranging from twenty cents to $1.50 per hour.

NWO Politics

What rights will individuals, societies and cultures have in the New World Order, besides the right to get our asses kicked if we attempt to "interfere" in the schemes of the global elite?
The Council on Foreign Relations is the main globalist rudder in the United States steering us toward the New World Order. 3,000 members of the American political, financial and media elite meet secretly on a regular basis to debate your future, and then carry out the plan.
Over 200 years ago, in 1797, one of the most respected scientists in the world wrote a book entitled Proofs of a Conspiracy (London: Creech, Cadell, Davies Publ., 1797). He was John T. Robison, secretary general to Scotland's prestigious Royal Society and professor of natural philosophy at the University of Edinburgh. What he detected while on sabbatical in Europe was a new element in the Grand Orient Masonic Lodges. He was approached by Adam Weishaupt, the founder of this new elite, inviting him to join an inner circle known as Illuminism.

Adam Weishaupt was a professor of canon law at the University of Ingolstadt. He started the Order of the Illuminati on May 1, 1776, originally calling it the Order of Perfectibilists. His plan was to use the Grand Orient Lodges of Europe as a filtering mechanism through which to screen out talent and build a hierarchy of inner circles. Like the Mafia of today, only the inner circle could be trusted with the true purpose of the Order. The true purpose of the Illuminati, according to Professor Robison, was world hegemony: a world order ruled by an elite pretending to represent the common man, an elite who had penetrated every aspect of society from the arts to politics and law while shaping public opinion with more subtlety than the average citizen was able to detect.

The Illuminati was presumed to have been dispersed by the end of the century but some believe that Illuminati members chose instead to conceal themselves and their plans within the cloak of Freemasonry, under which auspices they continue to thrive. They have maintained a stranglehold on the political, financial and social administration of the United States and have significant influence in the global business of nations. The Illuminist plan was to unseat the present powers of hereditary aristocracy and replace them with an intellectual aristocracy, using a staged revolt of the masses. This, indeed, was exactly what the French Revolution appeared to be - key people catalyzing great numbers of people. The French Revolution was not a historical accident happening by whim, but was manipulated by geniuses who had their own agenda. In more recent years the Illuminati has allegedly been involved in the assassination of John F. Kennedy and has been at the forefront of indoctrinating the American public into their one-world agenda.

The First World War (WWI)

The Brotherhood wanted a global war as a massive problem-reaction-solution to destroy the global status quo so allowing them to rebuild the post war world in their image. It worked so brilliantly. After the first World War, power was in far fewer hands than it was before. The British and American Governments in the immediate post war period were controlled by the Round Table Leadership. In Britain these were people like Alfred Milner and Lord Balfour and in America, Colonel House, the dictator of policy to President Woodrow Wilson. In Germany the official head of the country was Kaiser Wilhelm II, a relative of the British / German royal family soon to be known as the Windsors. Wihelm's 'minder' was the leading German Freemason, Otto von Bismark, the architect of the German Empire, and other Freemasons and bloodline families. Kaiser Wilhelm's Chancellor was Bethmann-Hollweg, a members of the Bethmann banking family in Frankfurt and cousin of Rothschilds. Wilhelm's personal hanker was Max Warburg, the brother of Paul and Felix, who had helped to manipulate the US Federal Reserve into being. Meantime, the Rothschilds had bought the German news agency, Wolff, to control the flow of information to the German people and what the rest of the world would ear from inside Germany. One of the leading executives of Wolff was Max Warburg. The Rothschilds would later biu an interest in the Havas news agency in France and Reuters in London. (News agencies supply "news" to all media organisations.) All that was needed to spark the war was an incident which could be used to justify hostilites and that was provided when an agent of Serbian secret society called the Order of the throne on June 28th 1914. At exactly the same time in Russia, an attempt was being made on the life of Tsar's most trusted advisor, Grigory Yefimovich Rasputin, who was arguing against a war. The Black Hand was formed in 1911 as the Order of Death and its seal was a clenched fist holding a skull and bones alongside that was a knife, a bomb and a poison bottle. Lovely. Leading members of the Black Hand apparently met with French and Grant Orient Freemasons at the Hotel ST Jerome in Toulouse in January 1914 to arrange the assassination in Sarajevo. The actual assassins, led by Gavrilo Princip, were all suffering from tuberculosis and did not have long to live. They were suckers manipulated to carry out an act thinking it would serve Serbian nationalism when it was really the spark required to advance an Agenda they probably did not know existed.

The German branches of the Brotherhood network started hostilities and the branches in the rest of Europe followed. The people who actually fought this war were the innocent pawns in a game they did not understand. Half a million men died in one battle in the trenches of northern France, a gigantic orgy of blood letting in an area which is sacred land to the Stanists and blood drinkers who run this world. They almost seem like mass ritual sacrifices. Wilson told America that he would allow America to become involved in a European war. He had to say that or he would not have been elected. But he knew that was part of the Brotherhood Agenda and so in 1916 the American 1916 the American passenger ship, the Lasitania, was sunk and this was used as an excuse to enter the war. In the same way, the assassination of Ferdinand was Germany'd excuse and in 1941 the attack by the Japanese on Pearl Harbour was used by the American -Aryan President, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, to enter the Second World War.

In the 1950's, yet more confirmation of how the First World War was manipulated was revealed by a US Congressional investigation by the "tax-exempt" foundations in the United States, like the Rockefeller Foundation, the Ford Foundation, and the Carnegie Endorowment for International Peace, wich the investigation found was manipulating war. Another thing to watch. The Brotherhood name organisations in a way that leads people to believe their aim is the opposite of what they are really there to do. For instance, if you want to run drugs without being suspected, do it through an anti-drug agency. If you want to destroy land and kill wildlife, do it through a wildlife protection agency. If you want to run a Satanic ring, do it through Christian Church. The congressional investigation by the Reece Committee found that these foundations had an interlocking leadership and that they were funding "education" and "science" to advance their Agenda for the centralisation of global power. The outcome of scientific "research" was being agreed before the way that scientific knowledge is suppressed. Knowledge which could set the world free from hunger and the need for expensive, polluting "energy" technoligy we have today. The relevant findings of the Reece Committe in relation to the First World War came with their investigation into the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. Norman Dodd, the committee's Director of Research, reported that one meeting of Carnegie trustees, the question was asked:

    " 'Is there any means known to man more effective than war if you want to alter the lives of an entire people?' It was decided that there was not and so the next question they asked was:
    'how do we involved the United States in a war?' "
Dodd went on:
    "And then they raised the question: 'How do we control the diplomatic machinery of the United States?' And the answer came out: 'We must control the State Department ', At this point we catch up with what we already found out... That through an agency set up by the Carnegie Endowment, every high appointment in the State Department was cleared. Finally, we were in a war. These trustees in a meeting about 1917 had the brashness to congragulate themselves on the wisdom of their original decision because alredy, the impact of war had indicated it would alter life and can alter life in this country. This was the date of our entry in the war; we were involved. They even had the brashness to word and to dispatch a telegram to Mr Wilson cautioning him to see that the war did not end too quickly."
Dodd said that his investigator, Kathryn Casey, found other minutes dealing with the work of the Carnegie Endowment to prevent American life returning to a pre-war state. Changing the way people lived and thought was, after all, the main point of the war. Dodd siad:
    " They came to the conclusion that, to prevent a reversion, they must control education. And then they approached the Rockefeller Foundation and they said: " Will you take on the acquisition of control of education as it involves subjects that are domestic in their signigicance?" And it was agreed. Then together they decided that the key to it was the teaching of American history and they must change that. So, they then approached the most prominent of what you might call the American historians at that time, with the idea of getting them to alter the manner of which they presented the subject. "

This is why you don't read what really happend in the official history books. You read what the Brotherhood wnats you to read. This is the crap that is taught to our children in schools and universities under the heading of "Education". The same with all the other subjects. This is the "education" that American families spend their lives scrimping and saving for. They are scrimping and saving to pay for their children to be indoctrinated, that's the reality. The point of the First World War was to reshape the post-war world in the image the elitists desired. So the very people who engineered the war on all "sides" were appointed to the Versailles Peace Conference near Paris ( again ) in 1919 to decide what would happen as a result of the war they had manufactured. Te Palace of Versilles is also known as the Palace of the Sun King. The "victorious" stooges, sorry leaders, at Versallies were Woodrow WIlson of the United States, Lloyd George of Great Britain, and Georges Clemenceau of France. "


It's not hard to see the government utilizing it's financial resources towards a new world military, weapons, more troops, tanks, bombs, computer systems... Yet, they still forget about the lack of financial resources within our education ( the future of our world ). Perhaps this walking talking military killing machine is what they want our future to be. "Be all you can be"? Kill another child? Destroy another family? Why the hell is our world building up military power when we should be living in so-called "peace"? They point, and you shoot. Let's give thanks to those who spilled their blood in battle for America. They died for a liar. They killed each other and saw their friends blow up in front of their very eyes. All for one torn country that was to become the Globalyst era of corporate power.

The inverted and distorted pantagram in the washington streets, one points into Congress, the other into the White House.

Bill Clinton has been a serial liar all his life. He lies about everything, from the innocuous to the important. Then, when caught, he employs biblical language and religious imagery to get himself off the hook. In his speech, he didn't even ask for the public's forgiveness, preferring the lower moral road of taking "full responsibility" for an inappropriate relationship. This is the language of lawyers and spinners, not the words of one who feels conviction in his heart.

Their plan, since day one.
To build one multinational capitalistic order upon our so dysfunctional society. One economic system constructed by one secret brotherhood. Where power falls so easily into the direct hands of plutocracy and injustice. The human race, known to live, only to die within the very system that's hijacked every mind. Spreading like a virus through oblivion. This interval between freedoms exists within the thousands of years in which we have been born to "live", yet only to die, then through rebirth, we emerge as yet another slave to "live". To "exist"; reincarnated. Only later to find our selves in the same bureau of manipulative control. A dream, a nightmare in which one cannot wake up and smell the prison that has enslaved mind and soul. A dream where one becomes evolved only to exist so helplessly dependent upon lies, disillusion and corporate torment. A fake reality in which we become too pre occupied with laughter of materialistic medicine, throwing our path into denial. A daily routine to keep us under control. A routine to feed the very system that will only cast the shadow over light with a triple 6. The Order of the New World.

So stop for just one second and listen. Listen ... Yes, can you hear that? It's their world now.

Infiltrate the machines vast network of communications and corporate manipulation to destruct it's vital propaganda and hidden political agendas in the new world.

The peoples army is the only army. Unite!

You call us criminals? You call us Terrorists? We talk about freedom. We talk about humanity. We act in self defense. Yet, you call us criminals. We care about education, we care about equality. Yet, you call us criminals. We care about humanity. We have not forgotten that this world also belongs to us. You ripped it from the hands of our ancestors in blood, lies and greed. You cared only about multiple forces of bureaucracy to protect your establishment and it's plutocracy that emerged so easily from monarchy and secret brotherhoods. Then you smile in our faces as you construct your so called "democracy" through levels of supremacy protected by your laws and order, which become enforced by militarized squads; killing hope; killing humanity; working on the same multinational capitalistic agenda.

Yet, you call us criminals.

... This is where we draw the line.

Please value what we shared with you today. It's only the tip of the iceberg.