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Exalted: Cathak Cacek Agni [Fire Dragon-Blooded] | Arora [Twilight Solar:notes]
Vampire: Henry Jones [Malkavian]

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Kindred of the East: White Wolf | Xia Maolie [Thrashing Dragon]
Feng Shui: Atlas Games
Mage: White Wolf | DJ Fade [Virtual Adept/CoX]
Ars Magica: Project Redcap | FAQ | Atlas Games
Amber: Amber Diceless | Amber Online

$ cat Favorite-Board-Games [Enter]

Settlers of Catan: Java SoC | S3D | Univ. of Catan | Mayfair Games
Witch Trial: Cheapass Games
Orcs at the Gates: Errata

$ cat Favorite-Card-Games [Enter]

Apples to Apples: Out of the Box Games
Lord of the Fries: Cheapass Games
Give Me The Brain!: Cheapass Games

$ cat Current-PC-Games [Enter]

Neverwinter Nights: Bella Donna [Elven Monk/Wizard (9th/5th)]