World Of Darkness: RUSSIA
A Campaign Setting by David 'Blue' Wendt

This is not, nor is it intended to be, World of Darkness canon.  This is my interpretation of fictional Russia, based on materials identified in the References section. The GM reserves the right to say 'No' to any aspect of character design or any character action that he feels violates the intention of the game.

Elder Fae Character Creation
Creat your Changeling character as per the 2nd edition Changeling rules except as noted below:

Base Statistics:

Attributes, Abilities and Advantages should probably not be purchased above 5 dots without good explanation.

The Elder Background Age costs four points per dot.

Elders should purchase their tempers (Glamour, Willpower, and Banality) to equal levels unless they want to risk the effects of Bedlam, Banality or worse.

Elder Merits:
Enlightened (variable point merit)
You have taken at least the first few steps on the road to becoming one of the Siochain.  Although you are be no means immortal, your aging is slowed even outside of your freehold and the effects of Banality and Bedlam on you are reduced.  You may add a number of dice equal to your rating in this merit to your rolls to resist the effects of aging, Bedlam or Banality.  This merit is a prerequisite for the background, Age.

Elder Backgrounds:
You have survived for many, many years as a changeling.  Every dot in this Background gains a number of freebie points to use in character creation but also increases your Banality.  This banality can only be bought off through quests or play activity - never strictly with freebie or experience points.  You may not purchase more dots of age than the starting Banality of a starting Changeling of your seeming (1 dot for Childings, 3 dots for Wilders, and 5 dots for Grumps), nor may you purchase more dots of Age than you have dots of the merit Enlightened.  You would have slipped into Bedlam long ago without some degree of enlightenment.

*         26-100 years active: +30 Freebie points, +1 Banality
**       101-175 years active: +55 Freebie points, +2 Banality
***     176-250 years active: +75 Freebie points, +3 Banality
****   251-375 years active: +90 Freebie points, +4 Banality
***** 376-500 years active: +100 Freebie points, +5 Banality

Other notes for elder development should be gleaned from the notes on Elder Vampire development.