World Of Darkness: RUSSIA
A Campaign Setting by David 'Blue' Wendt

This is not, nor is it intended to be, World of Darkness canon.  This is my interpretation of fictional Russia, based on materials identified in the References section. The GM reserves the right to say 'No' to any aspect of character design or any character action that he feels violates the intention of the game.

Additional Background Information:
Regarding The Sabbat: Sometime between the years 963 and 971, the Tzmisce of Russia, broke their political ties with their kin in the rest of the world.  As a result, the Sabbat did not enter Russia as it did other Tzimsce controlled lands.  In fact, the isolationist policies of Russian kindred have prevented both Camarilla and Sabbat in-roads to the region.  Any Sabbat in Russia at the time of the campaign are either ambassadors or in the area secretly.  Due to the 10th century Tzimsce break, the Sabbat are particularly interested in destroying the kindred of the region and re-populating with Sabbat loyalists.

Regarding The Prince:  The traditional title for Russia's Kindred prince is "Night Czar", an obvious parrallel to the kine title.  The current prince, a 6th generation Tzimsce known as Vladimir Zhestosky, has been recently expressing discontent with his position and has been blatantly grooming a replacement, Anatoly Kulakova, a 9th generation Tzimsce.  Ignoring the obvious question of generation, the potential succession of Anatoly troubles many kindred in the region.  While Vladimir has always actively supported the isolationist stance of Russian kindred, Anatoly is known to be in communication with and to receive visits from kindred of other lands.  More disturbing are the rumors that Anatoly is a supporter of the Sabbat, if not a secret member of the organization, and that Anatoly is in regular contact with Mages.  If Anatoly is a friend to Mages, is it not likely that he is also an ally to the hated Tremere?

Exerpts from a letter from Kyril Krylov:
        So, we could be dealing with the sabbat just starting to send in spies to look for elders havens in this region to get rid of the last stongholds of the old clan, and the tremere just now really starting their push into the region. Either way, Tszmiche himself has been (aparently) eaten by now, as has (aparently again) Lasombra, establishing the sabbat as a force to be reckoned with.
        So we have a nice three way war ready to happen, with all manner of alliances and betrails waiting to happen, before we even involve the silverfangs...
        As far as I see it, this is about how they all break down:

Tszmiche: the sabbat have driven us from our homes, and have murdered much of us. We have retreated to Russia as our last stronghold, and claim these lands as our own.

Sabbat: we will follow the Tszmiche and exterminate the last of them, and use these northern lands as our own stronghold to launch attacks upon the camirilla.

Tremere: The tszmiche hold many secrets. We will capture them and their lands, and learn more of their Magic. And we'll use lots of Gargoyles. The Cam will support us in this, since we will be taking land from and fighting the Sabbat in the process.

        So, it starts as tremere (representing the cam) and sabbat against the tszmiche, while the sabbat and cam (tremere) fight it out as well, and the silverfangs against the lot with Russian fey caught in the middle.  Once out here in the boonies, anything could happen. Out here, the laws and such break down and the rest of the world works differently.