Fur Shui!

The Setting

Fur Shui is a role-playing campaign of animated action and adventure.  You play the anthropomorphic heroes in a titanic struggle in which the fate of animalkind depends on your exotic kung fur powers, your ancient magics, or your plain old-fashioned teeth and claws.  You might be a maverick tiger, a cranky kung fur fighting turtle, an everyman bear or a masked rooster.  Against you is arrayed a legion of fearsome foes.  This battle rages throughout the animated world, pitting you against sinister eunuch crab-magicians and twisted elephant scientists.


This secret war is fought by those who know a simple, element truth of existence:  the power of the Earth.  Throughout the world are scattered are certain sites which harness and intensify Fur, the life force that animates nature.  Those who control these sites benefit from the increase flow of fur and gain great fortunes in matters both mundane and magical.


The Eaters

The Eaters are a secret society of carnivorous sorcerers.  They summon various supernatural creatures to do their bidding.  Although until recently they were only interested in maintaining their own power, they have now discovered the secret war.  They have been trying to seize fur shui sites in hopes of expanding their empire.

The Guiding Paw

This is a group of fierce animated patriots.  They are afraid that their world is collapsing into decadence and decay.  They want to capture fur shui sites in order to institute a regime of obedience and discipline.  They regard all sorcerers and supernatural creature irredeemably corrupt.  Although it is possible to sympathize with many of their aims, the average player character is unlikely to want to live in the strict world of obedience and discipline they wish to create.

The Architects

The Architects are scientific masterminds and political tyrants.  They have managed to turn the United Animal Nations into an ineffectual meeting place.  Their dream world is one massive police state, a drab and dreary place where the everyday movements of citizens are monitored and tightly controlled.  They want to capture all animated junctures, starting with the player character’s own home world.

The Jammers

The Jammers are a group of rebels who want to overthrow the Architects.  Most of them are misfit bears, although their leadership includes over species.  Unlike most other groups – who seek to harness the power of fur shui to their own ends – the Jammers want to entirely eliminate the hold of fur over animated destiny.  They are radically opposed not only to magic but to all exotic chi powers as well.  Many who would sympathize with their rebel aims are afraid that their anti-chi program could lead to the elimination of the animated soul.

Character Generation

General Changes

*  Characters choose a base animal type and a template.  Base animal type determines available Kung Fur paths and Animal schticks, as well as attribute changes. 

*  Attributes on templates are adjusted downward in general before animal types.

*  All Guns skills are removed.  The following Guns schticks become Fix-It schticks: Eagle Eye, Fast Draw (without the guns requirement), Hare-Trigger Neck Hair.  Other guns schticks become unavailable.  

*  2 Kung Fur schticks may be swapped for one appropriate Animal schtick at character generation.

*  Arcanofur schticks are generally reserved for NPCs.  Have the Narrator approve any template which includes the Arcanofur skill or any Arcanofur schticks.


Abomination: +1 Primary Attribute.

Big Bruiser: +1 Secondary Attribute.

Cyborg: Fix-It +8 (=13), 1 Fix-It schtick.

Everyman Hero: No change except as noted above.

Ex-Special Forces: Can choose 4 Kung Fur schticks, 2 Kung Fur schticks and 1 Animal Schtick, or 2 Animal Schticks.

Gambler: +1 Kung Fur schtick.

Ghost: No change except as noted above.

Journalist: Fix-it +8 (=13)

Karate Cop: +2 Primary Attributes.

Killer: Martial Arts +10 (=15), 5 Kung Fur schticks.

Magic Cop: Fix-It +7 (=12), 2 Fix-It schticks.

Martial Artist: No change except as noted above.

Masked Avenger: Fix-it +9 (= 14), 2 Fix-It schticks.

Maverick Cop: Fix-It +8 (=13), 4 Fix-It schticks.

Medic: must choose Martial Arts and Kung Fur schticks.

Monster Hunter: Fix-It +7 (=12), 1 Fix-It schticks.

Ninja: Fix-It +5 [Max 14]

Old Master: No change except as noted above.

Private Investigator: Fix-It +5 [Max 13]

Scrappy Kid: No change except as noted above.

Sorcerer: No change except as noted above.

Spy: +1 Secondary Attribute, Fix-It +5 [Max 15], 1 Fix-It schtick.

Supernatural Creature: No change except as noted above.

Techie: +1 Primary Attribute, Fix-It +11 (=16).

Thief: Fix-It +6 [Max 13]

Transformed Animal: Not Available.